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by admin on December 10, 2014

New #MAILTIME Mailbox with your boy @BarstoolJJ. Find out how he feels about incest. Also, the bonus episode for all premium subscribers is up on the app.


by Superproducer BC on December 9, 2014

KFC, Feits and I discuss Serial up through episode #10. Just need to make a few quick points, because its surprisingly difficult to put together a coherent sentence when Feitelberg just keeps throwing the “Nah, I think he’s guilty” argument at you.

First off, I obviously can’t prove Jay acted alone. There really isn’t any evidence supporting that. But the REASON there is no evidence is because the cops didn’t investigate him. Like, not AT ALL. I mean, believe the case against my boy Adnan all you want. When a dude walks into the Baltimore PD and sings like a canary about burying a body, maybe just check to make sure he doesn’t have a stack of Chinese girls in his basement? Maybe take a peek in his house? Nah? ok.

Few quick points.

Call log

Do people understand that Jay lies about when and where this thing went down FOUR SEPARATE times before the police finally get what they want? He says Adnan showed him the body on Edmondson Ave. But wait! Cell phone says he was miles away from there closer to Best Buy. Another time he says he is in Patapsco park watching the sunset, smoking weed while Adnan spills his guts on exactly how it felt to strangle a girl. But wait, cell phone says other side of town.







Oh yeah, another time he says the murder took place IN THAT PARK. But later he says Best Buy parking lot. Easy to confuse the two, I guess.

Also, the prosectution says the murder happens prior to 2:36 when exactly ZERO people to take the stand ever say that.

Sometime after the murder Jay calls two guys named Phil and Patrick. He called them to buy weed. Because that’s what you normally do after burying a body, buy weed. He defintely wasn’t calling them for help burying a body because he committed the murder by himself. Fortunately this was cleared up when the police interogated Phil and Patrick… oh wait! Those to random guys were never even spoken to. Good stuff.

Why does Jay talk so much?

I’m not talking about to police/prosecution. That makes sense, he was trying to save his skin. But he tells Jenn about the murder. He tells Chris about assisting with burying a body. Why does he use Jenn to help him dispose of evidence (shovels etc.) Why doesn’t he do that with Adnan? WHY DOESN’T ADNAN DO THAT? Your boy Syed just says “ok bruh, nice burying chicks with ya, do something wit those shovels ya heard?”

Orrrrr… maybe Jay and Jenn are burying bodies and disposing of evidence together? Maybe two people did all the stuff Jay said, it was just Jay and Jenn instead of Jay and Adnan. Maybe the whole story is true except the characters. Adnan is Jay and Jay is Jenn. Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is Finkle!!!

Adnan’s alibi

Everyone says “he has no alibi!!!!!!” but HE DOES. He was at track practice when the murder supposedly took place and the mosque when the body was buried. OK, so no one testifies to track practice, BUT they do testify to thinking that they would remember if he WASN’T there. It’s hard to remember if some random track teammate missed practice 6 weeks ago. But they do testify that he was probably there. And there is testimony that he was at the mosque. Granted, it’s from Adnan’s dad. But now we throw out that testimony as a lie but we keep all of Jay’s stuff???

These are just a few of the things it’s hard to make clear with Feits saying NO WAY HE DEF DID IT!!! MURDERER!!! I swear Feits was definitely rooting for The Warden to keep Andy Dufresne locked up and embezzling city funds.



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