KFC Radio #114: Dry Guys

by admin on April 24, 2015

This Week In Podcasts

by Superproducer BC on April 16, 2015

This week’s podcasts! All in one place! That place is here! On this webpage!

#MAILTIME: Blast Frome the Past. We went to Mets home opener and watched a guy drink his own piss. Also @EddieBarstool takes us on a trip down memory lane where KFC harasses disabled people.

Five Min Major: Hockey stuff is happening so our hockey guys are talking about hockey.

Yuppie Junk: Purple Dildo. What do you think the odds of all these things embedding correctly are? None. The odds are none.

It’s April! That means the Mets have yet to make their fanbase desire genocide. They probably will soon, but not yet. Jesse Funk and Greg Nunchuck talk about Matt Harvey and the other guys on the team too.

And of course KFC Radio. I’m writing this before we’ve even recorded KFC Radio and there is a good chance I just forget to come back and embed the episode. Let’s see what happens!

Remembered yay

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KFC Radio #110: Sex Burps

March 27, 2015
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More Snapchat Trivia

March 25, 2015

Ahhh…. The Playa Haters Ball! We had such high hopes for this episode. At the time there were some particularly venomous Haters. One that will always stand out in my mind was Tr1dent. He’d hate on every single one of KFC’s blogs mere seconds after it was posted. We wanted to have the the most […]

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I ❤️ Jalen

March 24, 2015

Jalen Rose invented sound effects A video posted by KFC Radio (@kfcradio) on Mar 24, 2015 at 6:50am PDT I love Jalen Rose because you know he 100% believes that they are the one and only podcast to use music and sound effects. Like he genuinely thinks his producer is a genius for playing rap […]

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KFC Radio #109

March 20, 2015
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KFCR #108: Return of the Mack (Trent)

March 13, 2015

If you are #Premeteam you got the password in the latest email blast.

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KFC Radio Snapchat Trivia Round 4

March 11, 2015

round 4? Or 5? Can’t remember. Anyway the question this time was…   Here’s the thing. Some of you are really dumb and don’t know how trivia works. I recieved multiple responses saying something to the tune of “you dumb fuck that’s Bryan Beer the GUTS champ fuk u cmon man” Yeah. I know who it […]

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