NBC“Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis had a $500,000 warrant for his arrest Friday after he skipped a scheduled appearance in court the same day, according to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

Francis was scheduled to be arraigned Friday on charges from an incident in May, during which he allegedly disobeyed a court order to stay away from “Girls Gone Wild” headquarters as part of last year’s bankruptcy filing, City Attorney Spokesman Frank Mateljan said.

During that incident, Francis allegedly got into a physical altercation with a trustee on the business and a security guard, Mateljan said.

Francis spent one night in jail and is accused of making criminal threats, trespassing and disobeying a court order, Mateljan said. 

Two thoughts here and the first one is how much has internet porn and sexting destroyed Joe Francis’ new worth? Guy went from owning mansions and being the toast of 14 year old boys watching E! after midnight everywhere? Now? Just another porn site offering hot young chicks getting weird…and you have to pay for it. Just couldn’t adapt to the changing market. It’s the DeLorean of porn.

The second thought is maybe Joe Francis is on the run because he’s Spooky Ghost. Who would have more axes to grind than someone who’s been court ordered not to run their company, been called a creep by scores of woman and lives in Hollywood? Probably this guy. As someone who has missed a court date, they don’t joke around about that stuff so it must have been important for him to miss it. Perhaps he missed the court date because he probably has the FBI on his ass? I’ll tell ya, if that’s the case, that’s one helluva plot twist. Just Joe Francis laying in wait for years as his career and company goes into the toilet just waiting for the breaking moment. Joe Francis could be on his way to becoming the greatest modern day villain in some time. Hide ya girlfriend, hide ya wife, Joe Francis is at your cocktail party and forgot his phone at home. – @SaintBrendan

P.S. Never forget


P.P.S. Money will always get you chicks. They could be gold diggers, they could be dunces but they’ll be there. Evidence? Joe’s wife.


The KFC Radio 2014 NFC East Preview

by @TheClemReport on September 2, 2014


Dallas Cowboys


Over/Under Win Total: 7.5

Odds to win division: +400

Odds to win Super Bowl: 50/1

Underrated Fantasy Player:  Terrance Williams. You have heard it a million times: Dallas will be in a ton of shootouts due to their weak defense.  Scott Linehan loves to throw the ball.  And the Cowboys O-Line will give Tony Romo time to get the ball to his receivers.  While Dez Bryant is taking all the double teams, Terrance Williams can potentially get you fantasy points by the bucket.  Draft him as a bench WR and see if he becomes a WR2 for you.

Overrated Fantasy Player:  Jason Witten. Watching Witten put his old man moves on the defense when he is playing against your fantasy team is always scary.  But the productivity of tight ends usually falls off of a cliff.  I would rather be out one year early on Witten instead of one year late.

Moment of Zen:

Porn Star Comparison:  Jenna Jameson. The champion of the 90s and a hot mess now.  Their fans will remember the glory days, but everyone else will shake their head at the current state of affairs.


Bottom Line:  This is the season that it all falls apart for Jerry’s team.  The defense is terrible, Jason Garrett should have been fired years ago, and they are due for some breaks to go against them.  I am already planning out how I am going to spend my money from the Cowboys going Under 7.5 wins.

New York Giants


Over/Under Win Total: 8

Odds to win division: +375

Odds to win Super Bowl: 50/1

Underrated Fantasy Player:  Rueben Randle. Someone is going to have to be Eli’s redzone target now that Hakeem Nicks is gone.  Victor Cruz is too short to be consistent inside the 20.  And the Giants appear to be completely lost at tight end.  Before writing Randle off as a bust, remember that he is three months younger than rookie Kelvin Benjamin.  Believe.

Overrated Fantasy Player: Rashad Jennings. One long touchdown run caused Jennings’ ADP to skyrocket.  It was a perfectly blocked play that made Jennings look better than he is.  He is an average running back that should be pushed for playing time and goal line carries from rookie running back Andre Williams.  Let someone else reach for him.

Moment of Zen:

Porn Star Comparison: Asa Akira.  Their seasons/videos sometimes end in glorious fashion.  Sometimes they are run of the mill.  But there are also times where they end with some real disturbing stuff that makes you feeling sad and scared to live in this world.  Russian roulette.  I need a hug.


Bottom Line: As a Giants fan, it is hard to think clearly about the team.  I know all the good and bad that comes along with them.  At the beginning of every season everyone hates the Giants.  But before you know it they are at 6-2 and ready to drive their fans crazy with another second half collapse.  I will stick with that thinking and choose Over 8 wins based solely on the fact that the Giants pull that crap almost every year.

Philadelphia Eagles


Over/Under Win Total: 9

Odds to win division: EVEN

Odds to win Super Bowl: 20/1

Underrated Fantasy Player: Jordan Matthews. The slot receiver in Chip Kelly’s offense can do some damage when he is as talented as Jordan Matthews.  Add in Jeremy Maclin’s love for the injury list, and you have a potential

Overrated Fantasy Player:  Nick Foles. Last year’s 29:2 Touchdown-To-Interception ratio is impossible to keep up and everyone forgets that Michael Vick beat Foles in a head-to-head competition last preseason.  I see Foles being closer to the 15th best QB in fantasy than the 1st.  Don’t reach for Nickfoleon Dynamite in any of your leagues.

Moment of Zen:

Porn Star Comparison: Melissa King.  Both King and Chip Kelly stormed out of the amateur ranks to shake things up.  I am not sure if they are the future of the industry or just a flash in the pan.


Bottom Line: As much as it pains me to write this, the Eagles are clearly the class of the division.  Chip Kelly’s offensive system will still be ahead of the defensive gameplans designed to stop it and I do think he has effective ideas regarding health and fitness.  I will take the Eagles Over 9 and be ecstatic if I am wrong.  Also, I will look long and hard at the 20/1 to win the Super Bowl and be real sad if that one comes in.

Washington Redskins


Over/Under Win Total: 7.5

Odds to win division: +375

Odds to win Super Bowl: 50/1

Underrated Fantasy Player:  Alfred Morris. Obviously Morris is going in the first 30 picks or so in your draft, but I still feel like he is being unfairly discounted.  He is the clear running and goal-line option on a team that should be better this season.  Running backs that play with scrambling quarterbacks also see a boost in value.  The new Jay Gruden system is passing friendly and Alf has never been much of a receiver out of the backfield.  But I think we are going to see just how talented he is this season.  I’m buying him in all non-PPR leagues.

Overrated Fantasy Player: Pierre Garcon. Garcon was a player who had a ton of value thanks to the amount of targets he would receive.  But once DeSean Jackson’s friends started flashing gang signs, Pierre’s days as a borderline WR1 were numbered.  I see the ball being spread out a lot more now that the Redskins improved their receiving corps.  I have Garcon as a low WR2 option and nothing more.

Moment of Zen:

Porn Star Comparison: Sasha Grey.  Both bring a ton of controversy wherever they go and are completely overrated in my mind.


Bottom Line: The defense was a disaster last season and RG3 was clearly still recovering from his torn ACL.  I expect both sides of the ball to play better just because of the talent on the roster.  That being said, I still don’t expect the Redskins to be very good and have a gut feeling the name Redskins will cause a bunch of distractions (#HotSportsTake).  I think 7 is the number they will hit, so I will choose Under 7.5 win.

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