Lisa Morales Exercise Tips

by PRPD on April 15, 2014


Good news ladies! Lisa Morales is going to post exercise tips on how to get an ass like hers.

Exercise #1: Be Cuban

Shoutout to theajjenkins for calling this to our attention.

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Here she is with a hoola hoop:



Look, I know everybody always says “Don’t give these assholes attention, they don’t deserve it.” Well, yeah I agree with you but they’re also not going away. They’re a bunch of uneducated rednecks that are never going to stop protesting so, if they’re around we might as well make fun of them. Right? Right.

Anyway, I was cruising around the internet and stumbled across the Westboro Baptist Church’s vine account. I hate myself for admitting it but they’re HILARIOUS. Not in the “man, that witty commentary was really funny Mick. You’re a great blogger.” but in the “Fuck, these people really are losers and are forcing my hand here” kind of funny. Every single one of these vines are better than the last, but I’ll give you just a taste of some of the best.

WBC just coming in hot, showing off their fresh threads. All I’m saying is that if I don’t get me a “” t-shirt soon, I’ll just feel like my wardrobe is incomplete. Combine one of those with a fresh pair of cargo shorts and the ladies of Topeka, Kansas will be just breaking down the doors of the WBC to get their hands on those holy warriors of Christ. Seriously though, I’m all for making money but the guys over at Customink might wanna rethink who they make shirts for.

Move over True Detective, there’s a new master of cinematography in town. I love how these people think they’ll honestly be around like 100 years from now. Pure bananas. Then again, everyone in the future could be racist homophobes and I’ll be the asshole, so go figure.

WBC proving that even though they hate literally every person on the planet, they still like to have a good time. Pulling April Fools jokes like it’s their goddamn jobs.

Holy shit, WBC just showing they’re just too gangster for their own good. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Alright, I’m gonna stop posting that shit before I go too far down the rabbit hole. After my afternoon of research on the Westboro Baptist Church I have a question for them, if some lunatic goes to WBC HQ and kills everyone, would the survivors protest the funerals? They’d pretty much have to right? It’s basically putting your money where your mouth is 101. Also, I’m not gonna be that guy that wishes for a bunch of people to actually die but I seriously think that if that did happen, those funerals would be a fucking madhouse. I know that I’d be the first one to fly out to Kansas and start-up the party. These people do hate EVERYONE, so they’re basically the real life Joffrey Baretheon. Based on my deduction skills (it was on the internet), every single member of the church are related to one another, so they’ve also got the incest thing going for them.



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