17 year old Jordan Rossiter scores in his debut game for Liverpool FC

by @SaintBrendan on September 23, 2014

jordan rossiter

What a moment for the young guy, replacing who I assume is his hero Steven Gerrard in the midfield and score in the first 10 minutes of his first game? Sends chills down your spine and makes you wish you could have that chance to have that opportunity even for just a moment. More than that though, this kid has been in Liverpool’s youth academy for 10+ years so really this is the fruition of not just a dream but something he’s been working for every day since he was still wetting the bed:

However, I think the greatest thing for this kid is going to be all his heroes and father’s heroes for Liverpool cheering you on:

Simply stunning, your own heroes rooting for you. As for the goal? Sure it was shitty defending/goalkeeping but it’s a goal none the less. Hope this kid can be the new Stevie G and gives us some goals that actually win us Championships. And if he was still a virgin today, he won’t be tomorrow. – @SaintBrendan

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