Asian Al Borland attempts to fight entire crowd with knife in downtown San Francisco

by @SaintBrendan on August 22, 2014

fsdflksdjfklsjdklsd -  COME AT ME BRO

100% this dude’s wife and or daughter slept with someone situation. This guy’s eyes are completely vacant and he is out for blood. My guess is he was trying to chase this dude down and the guy slipped in amongst the crowd in Union Square (veteran fornicator move). Then this cuckolded Asian guy made the silly mistake of engaging the crowd. You never ever engage the crowd in the city, especially when the camera’s are rolling. The moment that first black dude kicked him in the ass, he should have got back in his car and sped off. That’s not a fight you want to engage in. Next thing you know, you got trash bags thrown at you and 2×4’s being pulled out of your truck being used against you like Jim Duggan. Pick your battles correctly and this guy did not. Turn a game of find the guy banging my wife/daughter into Mogadishu circa 1993.

P.S. Whoever threw the trash bag filled with liquid at him is probably the guy that yelled PENIS at school assemblies in middle school. Without question.

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