Can we get a ruling on the field with Michelle Wie’s cover on Golf Digest?

by @SaintBrendan on September 18, 2014






Miami Heat  v San Antonio Spurs



Just a dagger blow to all the short white chick golfers on the LPGA who were trying to fill that void of being the hot chick on the tour since….well since forever. Wie’s always been somewhat of a “prodigy” but between the temper tantrums, the overbearing father and the fact that she never really won, Michelle Wie’s kind of fell of the map. But guess what? Happy learned to putt and now she’s not a teenager you’re reading about in Golf Digest at the old man barbershop while you’re waiting for your grandfather to get out of the chair. She’s 24 and is one of the few chicks that can pull off Nike Pro Combat gear being sexy on a chick. Yup, she’s the perfect third wife prospect for a guy in his 40’s right now.

P.S. She’s 6’1 and is giving off no LoLo Jones. Yabo. – @SaintBrendan

P.P.S. The modern update video is on par with Eric Prydz’ “Call On Me”

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