Chick getting proposed to does something worse than saying no

by @SaintBrendan on September 22, 2014


Could we be getting Jmac’d right now? Possibly, but here is my sole reasoning for this being a real authentic reaction: As a man who plays the links with a mid 80’s average handicap (fluctuating between a +12 and +16), I know quite a bit about golf and take pride in my gear. As a regular shopper at Golfsmith and other golf related outlets, I know brands and their promotions pretty well. The camo Callaway hat, is a unique purchase because you can’t really purchase it on it’s own in stores (at least of late). Instead, you must purchase two dozen of the X2 Hot Callaway spin or distance balls as shown below:

free hat

Seeing as this is the backwood lakes of Eastbum Fuck, I can totally see this guy wearing a free hat would become irate over losing something that cost him his 8 weeks salary at Home Depot going into the drink. Way to pick ’em, Jeb, undoubtedly one of your brethren from south of the Mason Dixon line will find your ring in about 4 years while noodling some catfish. – @SaintBrendan

P.S. “Come here, pretty boy” is some straight Deliverance talk

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