Classic Youtube: Hockey Fan Gets Hit With The Greatest Example Of Karma In The History Of The World

by @TheClemReport on September 15, 2014

In full disclosure, I never saw this video until my brother showed it to me today.  But it is already one of my favorite Youtubes of all-time.

I honestly don’t know which part of the video I like the most.  The instant karma?  Maybe.  The fan bleeding like vintage Ric Flair?  Perhaps.  But if we are being honest, it is probably the fan’s girlfriend giving Sullivan a thumbs up for taunting her dickhead boyfriend.  I would bet my (considerably small) life savings that Steve Sullivan banged the living shit out of her after the game as her boyfriend was awkwardly trying to hold a towel on his tomato can of a head.

So as all these scandals break in the sports world, be careful not to gloat too much.  Or Steve Sullivan may bang your girlfriend as you watch while bleeding like a stuck pig.

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