This form is for people that would actually like to contribute to the show. It means you will actually have to use your brain and think about something that could actually be a theme or a topic. If you want to talk about the Knicks or Game of Thrones or Brittany Griner, summarize it in the form below. We will put you on the show if you have a decent idea and can form coherent sentences. I mean, Jesus, we put Neil on the show so it can’t get much worse than that.

LISTEN: this is not the place to leave Would You Rathers or stupid hypotheticals. That is what the voicemail is for. This is the place where you say stuff like “I think you guys should do a show about fantasy baseball, I can provide weekly stats and blah blah blah…”  or “I’m kind of a slut and really starved for attention so let me talk about sex on you show” but it can’t suck. After you write out your ideas, re-read it and if you say: wait a minute, this idea sucks, don’t push submit.

Also, since we have yet to have a good idea submitted, I don’t check this all that often. If you do submit an idea tweet @KFCradio or send an email to reminding me to check it.