Don’t go to San Francisco unless you want your kids eaten by wild coyotes

by @SaintBrendan on August 15, 2014


KRON4 – A KRON 4 viewer has this warning for locals and tourists visiting San Francisco’s popular Lands End hiking trails: Beware of coyote.

The viewer encountered the coyote on Thursday afternoon at around 4:30 when he took his kids to ride their scooters on the refurbished trails at Sutro Baths. One of the children got ahead of the group when he spotted “a big coyote going for her.”

He managed to capture footage of the sighting and send KRON 4 a link. The man titled the video, “Coyote Tried To Eat My Kids At Sutro Baths Lands End San Francisco.” “I ran down and stopped it and got the rest on video,” he said.

“Let all the tourists know that SF don’t care if their kids get eaten by coyotes after visiting the Cliff House etc.,” the man warns. Coyotes have reportedly been spotted throughout San Francisco including Golden Gate Park, Miraloma Park, Fort Funston, Lake Merced, and Mount Davidson.

Officials at The Presidio Golf Course told KRON 4 News that there has been an increase in coyote sightings in and around the course. Signs have been posted along the course and trails alerting hikers to keep pets on a leash.

Before I begin on this, I’ll say that I don’t have the mouth of a nun or anything, but those two Dora the Explorers on their Razor scooters are going to grow up to have the quite the potty mouths. I’ve never heard more nasally f-bombs in my life.

Anyways, they’re not our coyotes and they never were our coyotes but if I’ve ever wanted to a coyote to attack someone it’s this guy. First off, his callous use of f-bombs in front of the kids is so purely for show it’s nauseating. Dude, we get you’re filming this and want to sound tough while you act as the passive-aggressive Mrs. Doubtfire step-dad or boyfriend for some Asian lady’s kids, but completely unnecessary. Like everything Ndamukong Suh does after the play is over, just no need for it in front of the kids and then to make some sort of social statement about the city not caring about people? Okay, city parks hardo, there’s signs everywhere and you’re basically in the forest, grow up, stop filming and stop trying to be a hero. Hell, even the coyote couldn’t believe how hard you were trying, he’s the real hero here.

goodguycoyotesdfasfd - Gets yelled at by a dweeb in the park doesn't tear off his leg in front of kids

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