Duke Using An 8-Bit Scoreboard On Throwback Day Would Be Cool If It Wasn’t Duke

by @TheClemReport on September 19, 2014


SI.com– The Duke Blue Devils will host the Tulane Green Wave Saturday for a “throwback football game” and the school is committing to the concept by using an 8-bit video board instead of the now common high-def Jumbotron.

Classic nerd move right here.  Take something that us common folk enjoy (old school video games) and pimp it out so we will become Blue Devils fans.  Sorry, not gonna work.  My hatred for Duke may actually be deeper than my love for Nintendo.  Screw you, Duke.  Stick to geek stuff and throw a TI-86 scoreboard up there next year.  I’d smoke all you dweebs in Drug Wars.

PS- I guarantee not one Duke undergrad knows who Tecmo Bo is.  As phony as can be.

TL;DR- Fuck Duke

h/t Ballow

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