Email Problems

by admin on June 3, 2015

throwing this up here because some people who have Premium memberships say they don’t get the weekly emails. First let me say, it is 100% on your end. The emails go out to everyone who currently has a premium membership. Thousands of people receive and reply to them. Highly unlikely that you just randomly got left off the list. 

Things that are much more likely:

  1. It’s in you spam filter. You should probably have checked this though right? You are a human being in the year 2015. If you have an email problem and don’t check your spam filter, you’re not gonna make it in life. 
  2. It’s in your gmail “promotions” tab. Gmail is the greatest thing ever and if you don’t use it you are a primate but it does occasionally filter out stuff you want. Check this folder as well. 
  3. You have a disaster of an email platform such as: hotmail (why?), AOL (seriously, unsubscribe we don’t want you here), or you use your work email. I can’t be held accountable for any of these as there is a chance that these email services are just not capable of receiving and filtering emails correctly. They may just be auto-deleting them. Idk. This one is on you. 
  4. You used a burner email to sign up and you haven’t checked this email in a while. This happens at an alarming rate. If you don’t check the email that you used to sign up there isn’t anything I can do for you. 

In fact there is basically never anything I can do for you. I don’t have anything to do with the technology side of anything so I can’t help you in anyway whatsoever. Not an excuse. Just a fact. 

If all else fails, you can complain to Libsyn, who administers the email list.

They are probably gonna tell you the problem is your end though, because it probably is. 

Ok good talk. See ya out there. 

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