KFC Radio-Combine Wrap Up

by Mick on June 5, 2013

KFC Radio is back after taking the week off for the Barstool Combine. It was the highlight of McShay’s career I’m sure of it. The guys discuss the Barstool Combine, Big Cat claims victory despite the videotape proving otherwise. Also, voicemails are answered with Big Cat admitting that he would love to hunt the world’s most dangerous game. He is officially back in the Manhunt game, the target this time: John Feitelberg.

It’s the second straight week for incredibly disturbing voicemails with some of the Stoolies potentially being Buffalo Bill imitators with pictures of KFC, Feits and Big Cat in their basement.

VMs include:

-What sport could Barstool’s Big 3 beat the Heat’s Big 3 in?
-Does Obama jerk off in the Oval Office?
-If you had 12 hours to commit any crime, what would you do?
-The bloggers main goals when heading to the bar?
-Bang a hot girl, or a soon to be famous girl, in high school?
-Opinion on girls with tattoos and “special” piercings?
-What NFL coach takes the worst smelling shits?

Get involved. Call the voicemail: (646) 807-8665

New time will probably be Tuesday nights going forward.

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