Episode 5: The Worst Day in the History of the World

by admin on July 14, 2012

The mid-week 4th of July screwed everybody up. KFC barely survived and spilled shit everywhere. Drunk munchies, slow pitch softball, and the ultimate wingman crew.

Voicemails include:

  • Paying for fries separately is un-American
  • Would you rather sleep on a wood floor or get woken up every hour on the hour? (this might be the worst voicemail of all time)
  • Favorite drunk munchies?
  • Slow-pitch softball HR record
  • Could KFC fend off hundreds of angry rats?
  • MFK: Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum (nevermind, that’s the worst)
  • Would you rather throw up every time someone says McDonalds or always wear a fedora and pretend you like it?
  • Live in a world with all girls or all boys but can’t jack off?
  • Sleep in a bed filled with sand or pee the bed 3-4 times per week?
  • Top 3 guys to pick-up chicks with?
  • John Sterling talk about the Hunger Games
  • Rather the Jets win but the Yankees dominate or the Mets win and the Pats dominate?
  • The Call Me Maybe phenomenon and how it’s like masturbating
  • Cubicle Chronicles: god blessing you


KFCradio Ep 5 from Barstool New York on Vimeo.

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