Introducing, Mariachi Barbie….(cue the angry Jezebel article)

by @SaintBrendan on September 5, 2014



NBC Bay Area –  Meet Mariachi Barbie. She’s Mattel’s newest doll representing Mexico in their Dolls of the World collection.  “I think it’s nice to represent different cultures and have diversity and that’s the right age to teach diversity, so I like it,” said Bita Van Gilder, a parent. That is the reaction Mattel is hoping for, especially after the controversy generated by last year’s Mexican Barbie.

Dressed in a bright pink traditional costume and carrying a Chihuahua, this doll touched off a firestorm of criticism for being outdated and stereotypical. This year’s version does not come with a pet, but some still think it’s too traditional. “Would I buy it for my daughter?” said Rene Guzman, a parent. “No, probably not.” Guzman is Mexican-American.

Social media sounded off on the issue, with most users seeming to give positive feedback about the doll.

“Mariachi barbie is beautiful! Iconic and represents a golden era of #Mexican heritage. Nothing wrong with a little style and class!” said one user. Another person tweeted that the doll wasn’t promoting stereotypes if it accurarely represented the culture in Mexico, and made it clear where that tradition stems from. “I feel as long as the Barbie doll shows what part of Mexico it represents it’s all good because of course mariachi is not from each state,” another person tweeted. Still, for Guzman, the doll was lacking in keeping up with the times.

Let’s face it, you’re in America, we’re all mixed so it’s a big pot of gumbo.

Okay, toss aside the fact that I have never, ever seen a chick in a mariachi band and that the said doll looks vaguely Hispanic, if it’s truly that awful….don’t buy it. Is purchasing a doll like this probably fueling some stereotypes about other cultures? Yeah maybe, but there’s a ton of basic bitches out there white, black, Hispanic and purple who are buying this because if it was that bad nobody would buy it.

It goes back to that old argument that kids want to root, cheer for people that look like them because they either feel like they one day could be that person. The chihuahua? Maybe a bit much but that’d be like every white barbie coming with a Corgi or a Pomeranian, again, basic betch stuff. Plus, this is just one of the many “outfits” Hispanic Barbie comes with, meaning you can actually change what they’re wearing.

Do girls even play with Barbies beyond age 6? Pardon me, but I’m pretty sure a person that believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy isn’t going to understand the finer concepts of race relations and society. Rosie Perez set the Hispanic community back more in White Men Can’t Jump than Mariachi Barbie ever will.

Plus love how even the lady at the end who wouldn’t buy the doll was like, “Ehhh fuck it, we’re America, so whatever.” America indeed, fuck it. – @SaintBrendan

P.S. Sneaky love how that lady just casually drops Gumbo in, veiled attempt to bring in African American Barbie?

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