Introducing the worst person on television right now

by @SaintBrendan on August 22, 2014


Well here you have it folks, the worst person on television. Not Kim Kardashian, not Darren Rovell, not even the Fox News anchor who wondered aloud if Robin Williams was a coward for taking his own life. Nope, it’s this guy right here. It’s almost as if Best Buy wanted to create the most disliked overachiever on campus. Guy could even be a worse version of Noah from The Sopranos:

All things considered though, the Bio major who does theater tech and fencing but is also looking for an internship crowd has gotta be the most niche markets of niche markets, so if I was Best Buy, why not show a kid doing his term paper while talking about some YouTube video then flipping it over to show his roommate or roommate’s annoying girlfriend to prove that yes in fact they are playing Hotel California in Spanish during that Toyota Dealership’s commercial. Boom, millions of hybrid tablets sold and nobody feels like the biggest nerd on campus and Best Buy’s stock is up a deuce and a half. Problem solved.

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P.S. Do you even en garde, bro? Worst prise de fer I have ever seen. Get this kid off my fencing team, stat.


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