Jolly man visits Disneyland for 1,000 days in a row, is probably the worst person ever

by @SaintBrendan on September 30, 2014


That number: 1000. For 1,000 consecutive days Reitz has walked through the turnstile into Disneyland.  It all began on New Year’s Eve 2011. He’s got the parking receipt to prove it, and one for every day since.  The Huntington Beach resident says it started when he was unemployed and a friend gifted him a season pass. 

“Come here walk around, listen to the music, and you know, and everybody having a good time, and it kind of recharges you,” he said. 

Reitz is now a full-time employee at the VA Hospital in Long Beach. But that doesn’t stop him from coming to the park every day. Some days, he gets on rides. Others, he just talks to cast members or takes photos. He’s certainly the envy of some of Disneyland’s younger visitors. 

“It’s really cool,” said Jackson Quist of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Reitz says he’s not tired. In fact, he says he always finds something different at the park to appreciate. 

“Everybody chooses to do what they enjoy and have fun in, and this is something that I really enjoy doing,” he said. 

The great Detective Bunk Mooreland once said, “A man must have a code,” and although I do agree with that statement, this is ridiculous. Your code can’t be “I spend the afternoons at Disneyland.” First off, he probably comes from a family of complete an utter enablers. Would not be surprised if this guy never played youth sports and was breast fed till the age of 15. And who gives an unemployed guy a season pass to anything? Sure, hey, maybe you cheer up the guy a bit and tell him everything will get better. But a season pass? Hell, nobody can avoid a soft drink there let alone a guy with no job. What is wrong with this country? Can we not tell these people to act their age? Who even wants to go to Disneyland pass the age of 12? Yeah graduating high schoolers go there but that’s only because their school made them and they wanna catch a hand job from a chick from another school who’s also forced to be there.

And you may say, “Hey Brendan, relax, the guy works at the VA now, cut him a break.” No. You don’t see guys hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese for the atmosphere and if they do they’re pedos. This is abnormal behavior and I would be willing to bet a limb he’s a virgin. Hell, he lives in HUNTINGTON BEACH, he’s going out of his way inland to a theme park when he’s got literally one of the best beaches to score chicks and live that Cali-life that everyone wants at his fingertips, but no he wants to stand in line at the Matterhorn. Grow the fuck up, Jeff. You’re scaring the kids. – @SaintBrendan

P.S. He’s definitely the kid who wore this same bucket hat on every field trip in grade school


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