KFC Radio 100 Feedback

by Superproducer BC on January 13, 2015


Zero to a hundred! Well… We pulled it off, I guess. Awesome turnout at Saloon by you guys. There were some technical issues but it seemed like everyone had a good time. We know there was a problem with hearing the guys, particularly if you were in the back, which was weird because it meant you were closer to the stage. Couple of kinks we need to workout. Give me another 2 years and it’ll be great.

If you couldn’t hear or couldn’t attend, we’ve got a decent recording of it up on the Premium app and hitting iTunes on probably Thursday.

I got to talk to a few of you but if you could leave some feedback, it will help us make a better event next time. Leave any comments about the show here: KFCradio.com/mailbox throw the tag #kfcradio100 in there somewhere so it’s easier for me to find.

What we are thinking for next time is to do a show in more of a comedy club type setting. There would be seating, everyone would be able to hear. Only thing is no open bar and probably need to sell tickets in advance. No more than $10-15 range though. So hit the mailbox with thoughts on that. KFCradio.com/mailbox also there might be a #MailtimeLIVE episode in the works.

Or you can email me brendan @ kfcradioshow.com

Thanks again to all the hundreds of guys and the 6 girls that came out. We appreciate the support.































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