KFC Radio #43

by admin on June 12, 2013

The crew gathered on the eve of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals to make some series predictions, and listen to a handful of voicemails from a colorful cast of Stoolies. When the session was recorded, YouTube cut it off midway through leaving us with just under 40 minutes this week, some great material was left out but what’s left should still help get you through your work day.

(editor’s note: this is why you should watch live, every Tuesday at or around 7:30pm)




Topics include;

Blackhawks vs. Bruins

Postgame Stanley Parties

Would you rather get eaten alive by ants or gummed to death by lions? (Bonus accent)

Protocol for taking a dump in public

If you make out with a dude at the bar accidentally, are you gay?

Could Big Cat and KFC win a fight with a blind Mike Tyson?

What would you change your name to if you could?

Worst type of fan at a sporting event?

Permanent stilts or foam fingers?

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