KFC Radio Podcast Awards Campaign 2015 Starts NOW!

by admin on March 3, 2015

Frank Underwood Approved This Message


Feeling like winning some podcast awards?

Sure, we are up against TV and movie stars. Sure, we are up against people with professional studios and full time employees. Sure, we are up against the fastest growing podcast of all time that we may or may not have made a separate podcast just to talk about THAT podcast.


We’ve got one thing they don’t… a legion of Cube Monkeys who’d rather do anything else besides work. So, go to PodcastAwards.com and vote.

Like KFC said, they put Mailtime in the Video Podcast category so we are just gonna assume that is actually a nomination for KFC Radio. We are also in the People’s Choice and the Comedy section. Against actual comedians. Like, million dollar per year comedians. If we were good enough to trick them into putting us in the same league with these guys, we’re good enough to win.

So go to PodcastAwards.com, vote for Mailtime/KFC Radio and tell your friends to do the same.


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