KFC Radio Snapchat Trivia Round 4

by Superproducer BC on March 11, 2015

round 4? Or 5? Can’t remember. Anyway the question this time was…


Here’s the thing. Some of you are really dumb and don’t know how trivia works. I recieved multiple responses saying something to the tune of “you dumb fuck that’s Bryan Beer the GUTS champ fuk u cmon man”

Yeah. I know who it is. I’m not just wondering aloud and hoping someone has the answer. It’s a game. Don’t be dumb.



10 points to Ngbags-1 for tracking down a present day pic of Mo from GUTS and 10 to KCgagnon for remembering that BB2 is the Orange King of the south. 

Bonus points for these guys for getting it right. 

And I’m throwing a mercy point to this guy for taking a shot in the dark and saying that it was Weird Haircut Seth


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