So every now and then I get questions about how to start a podcast. It’s kind of weird because when I get to explaining it, it actually starts to sound much more complicated than it actually is. So what I’ve decided to do is throw down a few blog posts about how to start a podcast, how to record a podcast and how to get better at making a podcast.

I’ll cover recording, editing, posting and all sorts of other stuff, but let’s start at the very beginning.

How to START a podcast RIGHT NOW.

Like, this instant, right now, you can record and post a podcast. If you are reading this you are either on a computer connected to the internet or on a phone connected to the internet. That is all you actually need and it will cost you nothing.

Almost every single mobile phone has a voice recorder nowadays. Press record, start talking. When you are done, email yourself the file and post it to Soundcloud. BOOM! You have a podcast. It is literally as simple as that. If you want your podcast on iTunes and Stitcher and PodcastOne and all that good stuff, yes, it’s more complicated. But the bottom line is to get your recording on the internet.

If you are sitting in front of a computer right now, you can go straight to Soundcloud. click record and you will instantaneously have something that can be considered a podcast. Here is instructions straight from


There are plenty of ways to make your podcast a lot better. But this is a free method that you can do RIGHT NOW. So go record something. By the time you are done maybe I will think of something else to blog.

Got questions about podcasting? Email me it will help me figure out what to actually blog about.