Lena Dunham coming in HOT

by @SaintBrendan on October 2, 2014

They must not have combs or mirrors in Williamsburg or if so they’ve been socially frowned upon because I have no idea what’s going on here. Like she wanted to get a half Skrillex, half Jeff Portnoy from Tropic Thunder haircut. Plus that dress looks like a tablecloth from 1994. Either way, it’s a mess. I know it’s her whole schtick to be her own body type and not conform to what “society” tells women they should wear, act or do, but you’re paving the way for a lot millenial chicks who watch her show & emulate her care free attitude and dress to not get asked to prom.  Sure, maybe I’m slanted because I’m a bro but even Andrew Dice Clay combs his hair before making an appearance on a show. Hell, Joan Rivers ripped her a new one on the Howard Stern show because she’s setting a shitty example for girls. I’ll give ya the arm tattoos if ya just clean it up a little bit. For the children’s sake at least.

P.S. Never Forget…Joan Rivers = HERO

P.P.S. I am going to miss the shit out of Fashion Police

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