Man gropes chick then bites off her boyfriend’s finger at Beyonce/Jay Z concert

by @SaintBrendan on August 5, 2014

KRON 4Authorities say a man was arrested at Jay Z and Beyonce’s concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena after allegedly groping a woman and then biting off the tip of her boyfriend’s finger during a fight.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports 25-year-old Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica of San Diego was taken into custody Saturday on suspicion of sexual battery and mayhem.

Pasadena police Lt. John Luna says Alcaraz-Garnica was accused of groping a woman in her 20s. When the woman’s boyfriend confronted him, a fight broke out. Luna says during the altercation the suspect bit off the tip of one of the boyfriend’s fingers.

Alcaraz-Garnica was being held in lieu of $100,000 bail. It isn’t known if he has a lawyer.

Police say 10 other people were arrested during Saturday’s concert, which drew about 55,000 fans.

A second concert was held Sunday.

Have to feel for this proletariat version of JJ, just trying to do the right thing and bring his girl to see Queen Bae only to get his finger bitten off after fighting off some dude who was playing grabass/tits with his girlfriend. In all honesty, not sure why this isn’t happening more often or have happened sooner. Seems like hitting on chicks at a Bae concert would be a lay up of sorts as they are either so entranced by the thumping beats of Beyoncé or they are trying to do all her moves on something, anything, a pole, a chair, other chicks, it seems like there would be a faction of snakey dudes who would willing to go into the belly of the beast to try and get after it. Now granted, the after party scene for the regular chicks at the bar or club would be where you would want to be, not trying to engage at the concert but I guess for the likes of the Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica’s of the world, they just have one mode and that is grabass. And who knows, maybe this Roberto is a gay bro, just trying to aggressively dance like Bae and got a little to close for comfort with this chick and her boyfriend. A lot of unanswered questions which just leaves us guessing: how does one come to bite off another man’s finger tip?

P.S. How much street cred do you get for getting charged with Mayhem? Even if you got the charges dropped the ability to say you were charged with something more closely aligned with GTA and Tyler Durden is pretty dope. I’d leave the part out about who’s concert it was. Probably knock you down a peg or two.


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