Rust Cohle Is Back! But This Time In A Lincoln MKC Commercial. Wait, What?

by @TheClemReport on September 5, 2014

Remember how people used to always say Matthew McConaughey wasn’t a great actor because he basically just played himself in his movies? Well it looks like Matty boy is typecasting himself yet again. Don’t get me wrong, I loved True Detective and the countless Reddit theories that it created. If Peter Dinklage dressed up as Tyrion Lannister with a fresh pair of Nikes, I would be waiting outside of a Foot Locker right now. Hell, I even tossed around the idea of becoming a meth head just because I respected Walter White’s hustle that much.

But despite one of the greatest years in acting history, McConaughey (I have to look up how to spell it every time) should probably create some fresh characters for his Lincoln commercials. Just hearing his voice or seeing him will perk up the undercarriage of any respectable American consumer. No need to bring back our favorite characters for capitalistic gains, right? (Thinking…). Well I guess it got people talking about the commercial, so jokes on me I guess. Keep doing you, Matt. Keep doing you.

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