New Rochelle Youth Tackle League Proudly Promoting Being The Home Of “Superbowl Champion Ray Rice”

by @TheClemReport on September 25, 2014


“Superbowl Champion Ray Rice”, huh?  I am surprised the NFL hasn’t had all of these ads destroyed.  Not because it builds up their current Enemy Number 1 or because Rice is flexing his infamous muscles.  It’s because the NFL is notorious for not allowing anyone to profit off of the words “Super Bowl” unless you pay the significant fee that goes along with it.  “Straight cash homey” may actually be the NFL’s official motto.  If it wasn’t, Roger “The Golden Child” Goodell would have been fired slightly after Rice was.

You have to hand it to the New Rochelle Youth Tackle League, though.  That is Marketing 101 right there.  “Home Of Alleged Domestic Abuser Ray Rice” or “Birthplace Of Current Media Lightning Rod Ray Rice” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Hats off, NRYTL.  You are setting a great example for the youth of America.


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PS- I never go up to athletes and ask for pictures because I don’t want to meet some of my favorite players and learn they are complete assholes.  However, my buddy and I were at the ESPN NFL Draft Party a few years ago and had a chance to take a picture with one of the best players in the NFL.  Before the picture was taken, my friend went and grabbed another shorter but still very successful NFL player for the photo.  The result is the picture below.


AP was a cool guy.  Shook a million hands and took about as many pictures.  Ray Rice did seem pretty arrogant (sunglasses on in the club is usually a dead giveaway), but did not seem like an actual bad guy.  Anyway, the fact that this is my only picture with a professional athlete seems weird, if nothing else.

h/t The Vulcha for the NRYTL pic

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