Papi From “Highly Questionable” Casually Crushed The Biggie Verse From “Notorious Thugs”

by @TheClemReport on October 30, 2014

When I closed my eyes, I could have sworn that Christopher Wallace was spitting hot fire again.  Nope, just a 70+ year old Cuban immigrant on a sparsely watched ESPN show.  And coughing instead of dropping N-bombs as Bomani Jones sits next to you?  That is the type of race relations that MLK Jr. dreamed about back in 1963.

However, I can’t lie, I was pretty disappointed when I realized Papi wasn’t going to rap any Bone Thugs lines.  I have listened to “Notorious Thugs” roughly 10,000 times and I still just grunt noises whenever the Bone Thugs parts come on.  Being disappointed that Dan Le Batard’s dad didn’t break down the lyrics to a timeless hip hop classic is #WhitePeopleProblems like you read about.

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