Podcast Awards 2015

by admin on January 28, 2015







I didn’t even know this existed and I’m obessed with podcasts. But now we gotta win it right? Bad Boyz of Podcastin’ need to be up on that podium making a speech thanking the #PremeTeam and the Stoolies.

Either that or it’s Snoop at the Source Awards

Here’s how to make it happen:

1) Go to http://podcastawards.com/

2) Enter BARSTOOL SPORTS MAILTIME in the COMEDY category (that’s the main one we want)

3) In the URL line enter podcastone.com/mailtime

Now… after you do that if you also want to throw in the same for ahem… Best Produced, I will graciously accept the nomination. Also dropping BARSTOOL SPORTS KFC RADIO and podcastone.com/kfcradio in the Best Video Podcast ain’t a bad thing either.


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