San Jose creating an official gated entrance to homeless encampment named “The Jungle”

by @SaintBrendan on September 9, 2014


KLIV – The city of San Jose has begun the process of securing the entrance to a large homeless encampment in San Jose known as “The Jungle”.

Ray Bramson, who heads the city’s homelessness response team tells KLIV that work to secure the site off of Story road is underway, with several boulders and a small gate being installed there.

Bramson adds that the work at the site in the next two weeks is part of a larger city plan to clear out and close the encampment by the end of the year.
The plan also calls for helping the current camp residents into safe and stable living situations.

The great thing about San Jose’s homeless is that they know they don’t have the talent to be a Los Angeles, Santa Monica homeless person, but I’ll be damned if they don’t try and smell just as bad if not worse. In all seriousness though, a homeless encampment in San Jose is probably one of the worst places on earth, filled with hard drugs, bugs, no hot chicks, no running water and a misguided hockey team that underachieves. The worst:

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That being said, having an official gated entrance is pretty goddamn sweet. It gives your neighborhood or building a real sense of importance and community. Hopefully maybe  the city could even pay for a doorman to sit and monitor in/out activity. I mean how much does an entrance cost? Just another drop in the bucket of the taxpayers, right? Just some guy in a red outfit with a hat keeping the riff raff away from the riff raff that live there. “You’re looking for who? Hobo Steve? I’m sorry there’s no one here by that name. I’d ask that you please leave the lobby.” – @SaintBrendan

P.S. This woman’s skin and her tank top are fantastic by Jungle standards


P.P.S. If any child is conceived, given birth to and raised in the Jungle, it will most likely be the spawn of Satan. Gut feeling. Parts of San Jose just have that hellfire vibe to it.

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