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by Superproducer BC on July 14, 2015

I’ve posted about some podcasting equipment before and since Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow I thought I’d update it. I now think this is probably the best starter kit in terms of affordability and versatility. See my previous posts for cheaper and/or more complex setups.

I had previously recommended the Roland R-05 Studio WAVE/MP3 Recorder which I still love and use to this day. But the Zoom H4N does pretty much everything the Roland does, plus it has direct XLR ports which mean you can plug mics straight in to the recorder without a mixer. This makes it easier to get started and a lot more mobile if you want to record on location. Plus Amazon has this starter pack for around the same price and gets you the memory card too.

(This is actuially a 3-pack, no idea why Amazon puts a pic of 1 mic when it’s actually 3)

After that, you just need some mics. You can get very fancy with mics but if you are just starting out these $10 mics are fine.

And some mic cables.

So all in you are probably at about $300. Like I said for cheaper alternatives to get starter see this previous post.

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