The KFC Radio 2014 AFC West Preview

by @TheClemReport on September 1, 2014


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Denver Broncos


Over/Under Win Total: 11.5

Odds to win division: -300

Odds to win Super Bowl: 6/1

Underrated Fantasy Player: Ronnie Hillman. I believe that Hillman is the guy to pick if you don’t believe in Montee Ball or think Ball may get hurt.  The coaching staff spoke glowingly of Ronnie Hillman over the summer.  And don’t forget, No Talent Knowshon Moreno was able to beat out Ball as the starter last year.

Overrated Fantasy Player:  Wes Welker. Welker’s brain may be liquified by this point and he is one bad hit away from retirement.  He also had an unsustainable touchdown rate at the beginning of last season.  Don’t buy unless you can get him at an extremely low price.

Moment of Zen:

Porn Star Comparison: Rachel Starr.  I think Rachel Starr is the bees knees.  She has the complete package, just like the Broncos.  But I would be lying to you if I didn’t think there are some rough times ahead for both of them in the next 2-3 years.  Enjoy them while they last.


Bottom Line: The king stay the king, at least for this year anyway.  Adding DeMarcus Ware to a decent defense should ensure that the Broncos compete for best record in the NFL again.  I also predict that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl and John Elway will return the favor by saying “This one’s for Pat“.  And there will not be a dry eye in the entire world.  The Broncos have a much tougher schedule this year, so Over 11.5 is not a lock.  But I’ve bet against Peyton Manning many times before.  And all of that American currency is now funding some faceless offshore casino owner.  Over 11.5.

Kansas City Chiefs


Over/Under Win Total: 8

Odds to win division: +600

Odds to win Super Bowl: 50/1

Underrated Fantasy Player: Travis Kelce. This may be the fastest tight end, let alone white tight end, I have ever seen.  If he dominates the first few weeks, he could be a bargain off of the waiver wire.

Overrated Fantasy Player: Dwayne Bowe. Dwayne Bowe is not very good at football these days.  Alex Smith has never been very good at throwing to wide receivers.  It is more fun saying Dwayne Bowe’s name than it is to actually draft and own him.

Moment of Zen:

Porn Star Comparison: Jenna Haze. Sometimes they are fun to watch, sometimes watching them is painful.  Both are up and down like the stock market.


Bottom Line: The Chiefs got off to a great start last season due to a weak schedule and some fluky breaks.  Their offense and defense both lost key contributors to free agency.  The AFC West may not be as good as it looked last season, but I am taking the under 8 wins for the Chefs.  The only way that the Chiefs make the playoffs this season is if Andy Reid can work his magic and sneak into a wild card spot. Great googly moogly.

Oakland Raiders


Over/Under Win Total: 5

Odds to win division: +1800

Odds to win Super Bowl: 150/1

Underrated Fantasy Player: Maurice Jones-Drew.  MoJo looked better than expected at the end of last season, and if the Raiders are going to score points, they will need Drew to come through in a big way.  Their offensive line is good enough to create some holes, so if Mighty Mouse is healthy, he could have a comeback season.

Overrated Fantasy Player: Darren McFadden.  Last year my buddy drafted Run DMC and told me “I can’t believe he is hurt”.  I would believe that Darren McFadden is half unicorn before I believe that he would stay healthy for an entire season.  Considering his lack of production and injury history, there isn’t really any upside to drafting McFadden in my mind.

Moment of Zen:

Porn Star Comparison: Bonnie Rotten.  I think you have to be pretty hardcore to be a Raiders/Bonnie Rotten fan.  Considering that I am still scared of Gia from Full House, my utter fear of Bonnie Rotten shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  I’m as basic a bitch as you will get.


Bottom Line: The Raiders have sucked for the last 10 years and they will suck for the next 10 years as long as Fanboy Mark Davis is their owner (that’s his actual name.  I looked it up on Google and everything).  I also learned that his favorite color is aqua blue and children use him as a scarecrow during the fall.  All that being said, I have to take someone to go over in this division other than Denver.  Raiders over 5. *places loaded gun in mouth*

San Diego Chargers


Over/Under Win Total: 8

Odds to win division: +500

Odds to win Super Bowl: 33/1

Underrated Fantasy Player: Ryan Mathews.  As a member of the Ryan Mathews Support Group, I completely understand that this may be a stretch.  Mathews is one of the most frustrating players in fantasy football and is usually fumbling, injury machine.  But you have to take a leap of faith sometimes, and that is what I am going to do with Mathews.  I think he has turned the corner and will be a reliable RB2 for the next few seasons, as the Chargers monitor his workload.  Also, if he wants to keep getting paid big NFL checks, he will have to gut out the injuries and hold the ball like Tiki Barber used to.

Overrated Fantasy Player: LaDarius Green.  Green is an absolute beast that will become a stud tight end sooner rather than later.  I just don’t like putting a bunch of my fantasy eggs in the basket of a deep threat that is 2nd on the depth chart on a team that doesn’t like to throw deep.

Moment of Zen:

Porn Star Comparison: Jesse Jane.  The Chargers and Jesse Jane seem like they just should have been better the last 6 years or so.  While they were in no way a bust during this time, it just feels like they left something on the table.


Bottom Line: The Chargers took advantage of an easy schedule in 2013 to sneak into the playoffs and cause everyone to forget that Phillip Rivers is a good but not great quarteback.  This is a typical team that overperformed last season and everyone will pick them to return to the playoffs.  Not this guy, though.  The Chargers will be under 8 wins this season.  You can put it on the boooooooard, YES!

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