The KFC Radio Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” Potato Chip Review

by @TheClemReport on August 26, 2014

You are flat out lying to yourself if you haven’t seen the Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” chips in the store and didn’t at least wonder if one of them tasted good.  Well I sacrificed a few bucks and my boyish figure to do the heavy lifting for you guys.

The four flavors are Mango Salsa, Cappuccino, Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese and Wasabi Ginger. Since these flavors are very unique, I will be judging them on how appetizing they are, NOT how much they taste like the flavor they were named after.  Onto the reviews.

Mango Salsa

The first Lay's #DoUsAFlavor review is Mango Salsa. #food #review #lays

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Yuck.  After this first review, I am that thinking I may be in over my head.  Two very offsetting flavors make this a weird combination.  The mango flavor overpowers you in the beginning and the salsa flavor comes on at the end like a bat out of hell.  I definitely ranked this too high in the video.  Putting the mango salsa on a Wavy Lay’s chip was clearly done to trick a simpleminded fellow like myself.

Rating: 5.9/10 in the video.  I am changing my score to 4.5/10 after tossing and turning all night thinking it over.


The next Lay's #DoUsAFlavor review is Cappuccino #food #review #chips #italia #lays

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Out of all the chips, this flavor was the one I was expecting to like the least.  I hate to admit my prejudice, but I am just a mere human being put on this earth to review random foods.  But being the professional I am, I power on.

There is a subtle cappuccino taste that leaves you wanting more with each bite.  Lay’s has made a legit dessert potato chip option that is good.  I am just as surprised as you are.

Rating: 8.3/10.  The potato chip equivalent to kettle corn.  You can definitely binge on these if you aren’t careful.

Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese

I’ll keep this one simple.  This can and should be a flavor in the Lay’s potato chip line.  It should also be a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor.  That good.

Rating: 8.7/10.  ‘Merica.

Wasabi Ginger

The 4th and final #DoUsAFlavor review is Wasabi Ginger #food #review #lays #chips

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Meh, nothing great.  It was completely unfair to put this flavor on a kettle cooked chip, which is the best potato chip in this great country of ours.  It does taste like wasabi and ginger with some serious spice at the end.  But not a great flavor for a potato chip.  This chip has no honor.

Rating: 6.7/10.  R.I.P. Yokozuna.

All Four Flavors At Once

And finally, all four #DoUsAFlavor flavors at once #lays #food #review #chips #savebaconmac

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#YOLO.  #YODO.  Don’t live or die while eating these four flavors at once.

Rating: 3.5/10.  You know when you mix all the paint colors together and you get that weird brown color?  That’s what these four chips taste like when they are eaten at one time.

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