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by admin on January 7, 2015

So I’ve heard a rumor going around that people dont actually believe Big Cat and Feits are coming to Saloon this Saturday. The guys who own the bar have told me they’ve been getting calls and people have come up to them questioning whether or not its really happening. Saying Feits would never leave Boston and Big Cat would never fly in. I’m not sure what kind of logic this is, considering I’ve been hyping it up and promising it for this Saturday. Imagine I was just making it up or something? That would make zero sense. So I’m here to reassure you that we are all getting together this Saturday. I can promise you its true because they both waited until the last minute to book their hotels and are costing me a shit ton of money.

So for anyone doubting it for whatever reason, its true. The KFC Radio gang is getting together for the 100th episode. JJ, Kmarko and the rest of the NY guys will be in attendance. We’ll probably start the show up around 2:30 and go for an hour or an hour and a half leading us right up to the Pats kick off at 4/430. We’ll be doing some sort of open bar for the show and then the Divisional Playoff games that follow. More details on that to come on that.

Its guaranteed to be a good ass time and a guaranteed shit show considering we’ll all be drinking and we’ve never done this before. Come on through for our first New York City of Barstool Live. Plenty more to come after this weekend.

Make sure you call the hotline if you want to be a part of the show. Speak loud and clear and keep it short because a live audience isnt gonna want to hear you drone on. 646-807-8665 all this week to get involved.

What: KFC Radio 100th Episode Live Show

When: Saturday, January 10th 2pm

Where: Saloon. 84th and York

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