Who’s worse: Joe West or Joey Crawford?

by @SaintBrendan on September 15, 2014




Over the weekend, verified blue check mark douchebag Jonathan Papelbon adjusted his sack after blowing a save against the Marlins. This should come at no surprise to baseball fans that A) Paps is over the top 2) That Philly fans celebrate booing their own players and D) There would be some blow back. But legend in his own mind Joe West throwing out Papelbon while he was in the dugout almost buried the lead of what Papelbon had done. Why? Well, because Joe West is the voice of God himself, much like the prophet Muhammed to Allah, to completely dictate every aspect of the game of baseball because he is Joe West. The best part of this most recent escapade being of course insinuating contact with Papelbon like Vlade Divac in the early 90’s to force the foul.

But is he worse than Joey Crawford, a man so insecure, so seemingly on stage at all time who’s will must be done? I took a look over their careers, trying to come up with a system to decipher who is in fact the worse referee of the game and broke it down into a few categories: Appearance, Audacity and Look at Me factor.



Joe West is known for his jowls, curmudgeon appearance, and the fact he hasn’t run probably since he was in his youth. He is as cause to why baseball games so long just as much as the players as it takes him at least three minutes to walk to the umpire conference for any disputed call. Crawford on the other hand is eccentric small white referee in a league full of black guys. That being said, the edge has to be given to Joe West as he is the ONLY umpire in baseball people not only know by name but know by sight from even the top nose bleeds. Advantage West


I searched long and hard for the most Crawford and West moments, here’s my two favorites:

Making up for your own mistake in bumping into a player because you are so absorbed into the play is one (despicable thing) but to actually call a strike before the guy has entered the box? He’s the worst. Advantage West


Let the tape roll:

Pretty clear that Crawford wants the game’s spotlight to be about him. Joe West is just an old fart. Advantage Crawford

At the end of the day, West is probably the worse umpire/referee because although Crawford is an idiot who likes to have the game be about him it’s actually Joe West that believes that the game is about him and his word. Truly one of the worst things about these leagues. I do sympathize that they have to millionaire morons on a daily basis, but that’s your job, you signed up for it so deal with it.

Also, if you’re name is Joe and you’re thinking about becoming a ref, don’t because you’re probably an asshole. – @SaintBrendan

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