World Oldest Clown Dead at 98

by @SaintBrendan on October 1, 2014



BILLINGS, Mont. (AP)Floyd “Creeky” Creekmore, the world’s oldest clown at age 98, has died in his Billings, Montana, home.

Son Dave Creekmore says his father died Saturday night of complications from heart disease.

The former rancher performed for the Shrine Circus and at hospitals for children. He was recognized as the world’s oldest performing clown by Guinness World Records.

Dave Creekmore said Tuesday that his father had not performed as Creeky since his wife of 74 years died in 2012.

He says his father really slowed down during the last year, but he performed one last trick during a friend’s 90th birthday party in July. The trick involved two scarves, a bra and a blushing female volunteer. Dave Creekmore says his father lit up under the spotlight one more time.

And with Creeky’s passing, we might never find out what was probably the coolest trick ever. A blushing female, a bra and two scarves? The amount of possibilities that are running through my head are endless but mostly it involves pulling a never ending scarf from her pants insinuating she has a cavernous cervix. I mean I can’t even remember the last time I saw a clown in at a party let alone in person so I don’t even know what clowns do these days. Moreover, this guy has literally decades of dirty clown tricks so you know that if he knew this was his last trick he was going to go out with something astoundingly funny and dirty. Probably in clown heaven right now getting asked by Bobo, “Hey, Creeky, what was your last trick?” “Oh, at my buddy’s 90th birthday I did the infinity scarf with a perrogi twist out of some cocktail waitress pants.” “Wow, that’s dirty.”

Thanks for the memories, Creeky. I wish I knew you. – @SaintBrendan 

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