BSN Just Made The Most Hardo Commercial Ever

by @SaintBrendan on October 23, 2014


This is exactly what I envisioned when the football guys in my freshman year dorm suggested I buy when I first started lifting. I took three full scoops and felt like I could run through a wall, felt my muscle fibers tearing like strings popping off violin and I’ve been chasing the dragon ever since. Because what no one will tell you is that your first pre-workout rush is always the best one you’ll get. That being said, NO Explode is great but there is no way you’d take it to run through a desert or be the hot chick in the park doing that heavy rope thing. You can take it (and synthetic testosterone) to be that guy doing vicious curls and that’s about it. Oh, and if you want to shit your brains out. Toilet cloggers like you read about because NO Explode’s nasty little secret is that it’s packed with Arginine which will make you Dumpasaurus Rex.

But yeah, if you want to be the biggest hardo in the gym and your favorite member of the Fantastic 4 is The Thing, god bless ya.

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